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How to Set Up CBS All Access Parental Controls

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Streaming services seem to be getting more and more popular, and CBS All Access may be one that your family uses. It’s helpful to understand how to set up CBS All Access parental controls to make sure that your kids don’t see movies and TV shows that aren’t appropriate for them.

CBS All Access parental control: Setting up kid profiles

You can restrict what your child can view based on a rating system. You choose the ratings that are appropriate for your child, CBS All Access filters, accordingly.

From the CBS All Access

  1. Sign in to your CBS All Access account
  2. Go to your Account Settings
  3. Enter your current password, when prompted
  4. Create a PIN
  5. Select the Ratings you feel are appropriate for your family
  6. Hit Save before leaving the page

You can also choose to lock live TV, meaning the PIN is required to watch anything being broadcast live.

CBS All Access parental controls only allow you to choose one setting for all content that requires a password. You are not able to customize settings for multiple children.

CBS All Access parental control: Ratings

When you set up CBS All Access Parental controls, you can choose what program ratings are appropriate for your child. From their website:

  • All Kids || TV-Y, G, and TV-G and may include Danger MouseHeathcliff, and Inspector Gadget
  • Older Kids || TV-Y7, TV-Y7 FV (fantasy violence), PG, and TV-PG. and may include Young SheldonSurvivorGod Friended MeThe Unicorn, Bob Hearts Abishola, and Carol’s Second Act
  • Teen || PG-13 and TV-14 and may include NCIS, Love Island, Evil, Hawaii Five-0, and some episodes of Star Trek: Discovery
  • Adult || R, TV-MA, NC-17, UR, and NR and may include The Twilight Zone and some episodes of Star Trek: Discovery

Three things to note:

  • The default setting for CBS All Access is to limit content to the All Kids category.
  • TV series are filtered on an episode-by-episode basis, so sometimes, when you have “teen” or “adult” content blocked, some episodes may be available and some may not.
  • CBS All Access does not restrict trailers.

How Canopy works with CBS All Access

You may allow your child access to the family CBS All Access account through the app or web browser on a device they primarily use, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

With Canopy, you can decide if your child is first of all allowed to do so or you may allow your child to do so only at certain times. With our App and Website management tools, you manage permissions to cut off Internet access to the app or block the website, if or when appropriate.

Canopy helps you protect those you love most. Try it for free today!

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